Monday, October 31, 2011

Reason #10 - Why I can't eat another KitKat

I just got home and ate a fun-sized KitKat bar. You know why? Because I have a bowl full of Halloween candy that no one apparently wants. Is it just me or does Halloween seem like a dying holiday? I remember when we first bought our house, the thing I was most excited about was handing out candy to tricker-treaters. The first few years we lived here I ended up having to work on Halloween (womp womp). But last year the holiday fell on a Sunday and I was totally free. I sat on my couch with my huge bowl full of candy waiting for the doorbell to ring. If ten kids came to our door that day it would have been a lot. Now mind you, I live two houses away from an elementary school. A SCHOOL! Clearly there must be kids around here somewhere! So what is happening? Is it that parents think it's to dangerous? Because I can assure you that freaks existed in 1989 as well. That's why you go out with your kids and check their candy before they eat it. I can recall my father using his detective equipment to thoroughly examine each bag of Skittles before we were allowed to eat them (although I have my suspicions that many of the "damaged" goods merely went into his nightstand for his own personal consumption). Or is it that schools are sucking the fun out of the holiday with their lame-o no sugar rules. It's one freaking day. Let the kids have a dang Tootsie roll. Then make mandatory track try-outs November 1st. See? Problem solved. I, myself, am guilty of perpetuating the lack-luster vibe as well. I can't recall the last time I put effort into a costume to go out in (I'm pretty sure I've been a Hooters waitress so many times that people think I actually just am a Hooters waitress). But there is one member of my family that always goes all out. I think she's single-handily keeping the dream alive. Halloween is pretty much her favorite day of the year. She loves to see the kids dressed up. In fact sometimes when the door bell rings she gets so excited that she pees herself! Oh...have I forgotten to mention that this family member has four legs and uses the bathroom outside? Please see below for a fun retrospective of my dog Annie's all-time favorite costumes.

Here she is one her first Halloween. She had just seen Napoleon Dynamite and knew she needed to dress up as his favorite mythical creature.

Here she is looking rather regal in a princess costume. Notice how the hat fits perfectly on her pointy basset head.

Now this is my personal favorite. Annie was big into Flavor of Love this year. Check out her ode to FLAVOR FLAV! I like how she went the extra mile and kept the glasses on for more then 5 seconds.

And here she is this year! I don't know if this is her best effort. But truthfully she's gained a little weight and this was the only costume available in a doggie XL. Currently she is enjoying her day though. She's at my parent's house where there are far more kids available to shower her with attention (and possibly drop a piece of candy close enough for her to grab).

Now if you will excuse me I had better get started eating this pumpkin sized bowl of Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Tomorrow I bust out my new Pottery Barn turkey decor and I can't have any leftover Halloween candy hanging around.

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