Monday, November 14, 2011

Reason #13 - Reasons why I have apparently not been living socially

I used to be a hermit. I never left my home and was in bed at 9 pm sharp every evening. But then I discovered Living Social. Now I'm the life of the party. I'm attending pilates classes and going on bike riding wine tours. I eat out at a different restaurant every night and indulge in daily spa treatments. I take salsa lessons while learning how to MAKE salsa from a gourmet chef. I have two African safaris booked and just bought a voucher for a photobook so I can immortalize my trips in print. I AM living socially!!!

Alright, so most of that is a lie. For one, I still go to bed at 9 pm sharp. But I could do all of those things if I wanted to! And all at a discounted price. Discounted. Price. This is the part that is getting me in trouble. You see, a few months ago I was blissfully unaware that websites like this even existed. Then one day my best friend sent me a link to one of the deals. From there...It. Was. On. I  noticed some yoga classes and stuff on there. So initially I signed up because I was in need of taking some pricey pilates classes for my instructor certification. I was hoping to score some for a fraction of the normal cost. But after a few days of no pilates, I signed up for Groupon. Then I found Bloomspot. Then Groupalicious. You can see where this is going right? So basically every morning I wake up to find email upon email of fun and interesting things that I never knew  I wanted to do but now desperately yearn to try. I resisted buying anything for awhile. But soon they started to wear me down (I always have wanted my teeth whitened). It started with a simple giftcard to a local restaurant. But now it's quickly spiraling out of control. The vouchers are beginning to accumulate. So far I have managed to keep it to things that I will actually use or intend to give as Christmas gifts. I live in fear that I will slip up at any moment though. What kind of woman has the willpower to resist a massage AND facial for only $50? Any reasonable person probably would have just unsubscribed by now. But I'm not a quitter. I came for pilates classes and I refuse to admit defeat! Pilates or death! Luckily it was the former rather then the latter. I finally got my deal on classes last week. Four whole classes for $39! Woohoo! Too bad it really cost me $115 if you count all the other things I bought while I was waiting for this deal to pop up. If that doesn't deserve a big fat "Womp Womp" then I don't know what does.

PS Totally still haven't unsubscribed yet. You never know when you'll need a full house cleaning for $25. Am I right?

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